How do I find my way around PayPerks? (using a regular web browser)


Note: This help article will help you navigate around PayPerks on a regular web browser on your computer.  We have another article here explaining how to navigate PayPerks on a mobile phone.


We've done our best to design a site that's easy to use, but just in case, we also put together a helpful guide on getting around!  Below are a few tips for navigating PayPerks on a regular web browser.


Home page

Each time you log in you'll be taken to your Home page, where you'll see a number of links for navigating the site (more on those in a minute).


You'll also see a greeting from Prepaid Pete. If there's anything important you need to know (like if you won a prize, or forgot to add your card), Pete will always be sure to remind you.


Below Pete is your dashboard, where you can see top tips to earn chances to win and guides about your card. 

Along the right hand side you'll also see your Chances Balance, and information about the next drawing!


Earn Chances

Click on "Earn Chances" at the top of any page to see everything you can do to earn chances to win a cash prize in our monthly sweepstakes, and remember—each month comes with more chances to win!


My Cards

Clicking My Cards from the top header bar shows you a list of our participating card programs. If you already have a card linked, you can see special chances to win opportunities specific to your card program.



Prizes will show you a list of all the current sweepstakes prizes, and a record of how you did in previous drawings.


My Account

For information about your account, click on the person icon in the upper right corner. 

At the top is the My Account page, where you can keep track of all your PayPerks preferences.

Activity History will show you a record of all the actions you've completed so far at PayPerks.

You can also log out from this menu.


For a guide on how to use PayPerks on a mobile phone, click here. If you have any trouble finding anything, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and let us know!



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