How do I link my Direct Express® card to PayPerks?


If don't have an account yet on PayPerks, you can sign up here! Then, go to the Cards page.

To learn more about why you want to link your card to PayPerks for Direct Express and all the benefits of doing so, click here.

Once you are on the linking page, there are different instructions depending on the first 4 digits of your card number:

  • If your card starts with "5332," you’ll need to know your PayPerks Activation ID and the name on your Direct Express® card. Click here for how to find your PayPerks Activation ID.
  • If your card starts with "5115," you’ll enter the number on your card (all 16 digits) and the last four digits of your social security number.  

Once you link your card, you’ll have access to tutorials, surveys, and can start earning chances to win in the monthly sweepstakes!

It's safe to enter your card information on PayPerks. We encrypt the numbers you type in directly inside the form and then send them securely to Direct Express for confirmation, so we don't actually see your card number at all ourselves, keeping your information safe.  When you link, we are not able to affect the balance of your card, make any charges on your card, or do anything that could hurt your card or the benefits loaded onto it.

If you have any problems linking your Direct Express card to PayPerks for Direct Express or questions about the process, let us know!



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