How do I find out if I won a prize?


If your card starts with 5115 63, your prize will be automatically processed to the linked card on your account, and you'll be able to see it on your online statement.

If your card starts with 5332 48 and you log in to PayPerks with Facebook or Google, we will send you an email with a code you can redeem for a gift card to a major retailer (like Amazon, Walmart, or Target). 

Go here to learn more about how to access your rewards.

All PayPerks prizes won before February 1, 2020 have been paid out to cardholders. Prizes from the sweepstakes ending January 31, 2020 were automatically claimed and sent to your linked Direct Express® card — there was no need to claim your prize as in the past.

You can read our official sweepstakes rules here.