Why isn't my Scratcher Code working?


If your card starts with 5115 63, you will be able to claim your scratcher inside PayPerks for Direct Express® which you will access from directly inside your Direct Express® account. Follow the instructions here.

First check: have you entered it before? Each Scratcher Code can only be used once, so if you or a family member has already redeemed it, then you won't be able to earn those chances to win twice.

If it's a new code and no one else has used it, the next thing you should check for is a number/letter mix-up. There are a few code characters that look very similar to each other. 

For example:
2 and Z
5 and S
8 and B
O and Q
I and L
If your card starts with 5332 48, we are sorry to inform you that the sweepstakes rewards of PayPerks for Direct Express® has ended as of February 1, 2020 and there is no more scratcher claiming. You can still take advantage of the hundreds of PayPerks for Direct Express® education tutorials here.