Why isn't my Activation ID code working?


Are you having trouble with your PayPerks Activation ID and linking your Direct Express card with PayPerks? Here are a couple of things which might help.

First, check that your Direct Express card starts with 5332. If it starts with that, continue reading below. If your Direct Express card starts with 5115, you do not need a PayPerks Activation ID and can go here to learn about linking your card to PayPerks.

If you’re told that the name you’re entering doesn’t match the PayPerks Activation ID, make sure you’re using the right person's name for that Direct Express card. It should be the name on the card itself. This might be your name, but if you're looking after someone else's account, the PayPerks Activation ID might be tied to their name instead.

If you’re seeing that the PayPerks Activation ID code isn’t recognized, check for a number/letter mix-up. There are a few letters and numbers that look very similar to each other. 

For example:
  • 2 and Z
  • 5 and S
  • 8 and B
  • O and Q
  • I and L
If that doesn’t solve the issue, please let us know! When you write us, please include any names that the PayPerks Activation ID might be tied to, including previous names you might have held—that will help us investigate further.
You can also use this article about where to find your PayPerks Activation ID. Learn more about Linking your Card to PayPerks here.


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