I'm not receiving email reminders


Sorry to hear that! You can choose how many emails you'd like to receive from us:

  1. Everything: includes Scratcher Codes, chances to win, and new content announcements
  2. Account updates only: no Scratchers, but we'll tell you if you win a prize or ask to reset your password
  3. None at all: no emails from PayPerks, even prize notices or password reset requests 

You can check your settings here: https://www.payperks.com/directexpress/my-account/emails

Double-check your SPAM folder too, to make sure our emails aren't getting misdirected.

We only want to send you the emails you want to get, so if you haven't opened an email from us in a while—we won't send you more.

However you'd like to use PayPerks, there's an option for for you!


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